Laser Class Rules

In this section you will find the ILCA Class Rules, covered in By-Law 1 of the ILCA Constitution.

You can either download the ILCA Class rules as a pdf or browse the rules through this website, using the tabs below to navigate between sections of the guide.

  • History contains information about changes to class rules.
  • Part One explains the Fundamental Class Rule which covers the philosophy and any item not specifically written into the rules.
  • Part Two tells you what you must do to have a Class legal boat. This includes the Measurement Diagrams.
  • Part Three details a few optional changes and additions you can make.
  • Part Four details options for the Laser Radial and the Laser 4.7 rig
  • Part Five explains what kind of approval is required to make changes to the Class Rules
  • Interpretations list official interpretations of certain Class Rules

The principle of the Laser Class Rules is that no changes to the boat are allowed unless they are specifically permitted by the class rules. The English text of the Laser Class Rules shall govern.

The Class Rules below are valid from 1st January 2018. Cancels all previous rules and interpretations.

Note: The class rules published on this website are for convenient access. If there are any discrepancies between the rules shown here and the rules as published in the most recent Handbook of the International Laser Class Association, the text of the Handbook applies.


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